21 January, 2006

Introducing the "new" MarinaWatchDog Sound Off Blog


NOTE:  Click the "comments" section at the bottom of this first screen. When the blog pulls up, go to the bottom again and click on "newest" to see the latest postings. You can navigate back and forth from newest to earlier posts by clicking on the bottom of the actual blog

.MarinaWatchDog proudly introduces a new forum of communication for Marina City residents.

This Web Log, commonly referred to as a "blog" is an online journal for individuals to post their personal thoughts, criticisms, concerns, comments, opinions, compliments, complaints or questions and to report news or other information information that they may want to share pertaining to Marina City and its surrounding neighborhood.

The editors of MarinaWatchDog see a continuing need for this service, even in light of the current open atmosphere the current association board has pertaining to the sharing of information with us, their membership.

As the cliche goes, information is power - so let's share our news, thoughts, opinions and practical suggestions.

We welcome your postings on all matters of concern to all owners and residents of Marina City.


Submit your blog, simply by:

1: Go to http://marinawatchdog.blogspot.com assuming you are not there already.
2: On the right hand column, scroll down and click on "comment"
3: On the right hand column, you can type your comments in the box that's titled "leave your comment"
4. After your comments, you can sign your name, your initials, nickname or pseudonym. Or
5. You can chose to be "anonymous" If so, click the "anonymous" option.
6. The click the blue box that says "Login and Publish"

Your comment will now be posted in the left had column for all to read.

You may submit your blog anonymously or you may "sign" it. Embrace your First Amendment Rights and be heard. Participation in this blog is completely free, with no charge to you. Anonymous comments can never be traced back to the author.


The editors take no responsibility for the comments posted on this blog. The comments are those of the individual bloggers and not those of the editors. This blog is not associated or affiliated in any way with The Marina Towers Condominium Assn. or the Marina City Commercial Property ownership.